(BEE.tul.may.nee.uh) n. A passion for, or strong interest in, the Volkswagen Beetle. Also: Beetle-mania.

Example Citations:
"Preliminary reviews are flattering. But bud vases aside, aren't most boomers a little too 'prosperous' for the cramped rigors of a Bug? Let's hope not: A new round of Beetlemania would give the Children of the Boom a shared moment with their parents, while validating the hours a generation invested in misspending its youth."
—"Re-bugged," USA Today, January 6, 1998

Beetlemania. Volkswagen has begun the first road tests of the eagerly awaited Beetle replacement due in 1998.
—"World news this week," Autoweek, August 21, 1995

Earliest Citation:
Three true exponents o! Beetlemania; Ken Belin, Barney Weed, sales manager, and Howard Haydon at George Belin Volkswagen are ready for this week‘s sale.
—“Still Time for Everyone to Visit Auto Showrooms,“ El Paso Herald-Post, May 14, 1971

This word — a play on the Beatlemania of the 60s — has been used for many years, usually to refer either to the heyday of the Volkswagen Beetle in the 1950s, or as a joshing reference to entomological gatherings and exhibits.

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