n. Street names, retail shops, and other features that are identical no matter where you travel, particularly in the United States. Also: generica. [generic + America]

Example Citations:
“All of us are trying to find an American culture that is not on steroids, in some form or another. America is called ‘Generica’ and that is a sad, though powerful, definition.”
—Dar Williams quoted in Joe Jackson, “She Who Dars,” The Irish Times, March 8, 1996

Barlow’s image of a nomadic virtual home seems exceptional but is grounded in demographic fact. In America the average person moves house 17 times in their lifetime: ‘They have no home town, urban life is standardised and they come from a place called Generica’.
—William Owen, “William Owen on the Doors of Perception conference plans for an electronic homestead,” The Guardian, November 24, 1994

Earliest Citation:
Chandler commanded a spotlight at the far end of the stage at Picker’s Supply Concert Hall downtown last Friday night. There, he was loudly ranting about a commerical wasteland he called the “Unlted States of Generica.“
—Amy Satterthwaite, “In Their Own Words,” The Free Lance-Star, November 3, 1994

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