n. A computer with an Intel microprocessor running the Macintosh operating system and software. [Blend of Macintosh and Intel.] Also: MacTel. —adj.

Example Citations:
The good news for Mac users is that there's no news. The "Mactel" machines run Mac OS X just the same as older PowerPC models, only faster. There's nothing new to learn, and no adjustment period. A piece of software called Rosetta, built into Mactels, supports older Mac software written for PowerPC machines, so users aren't forced to replace any of their applications.
—Mike Langberg, "Jobs produces bigger splash than Ellison, McNealy," San Jose Mercury News, January 11, 2006

Is the world ready for Mactel? It better be, because come Jan. 10, that name could very well become synonymous with the historic shift taking place in the PC industry.
—Cliff Edwards, "Just What Apple Needs: Intel," BusinessWeek, January 9, 2005

Earliest Citation:
Apple is considering closer ties with Intel — even making a line of machines that run on Intel's microprocessors.
—Vawn Himmelsbach, "From Wintel to Mactel?," Computer Dealer News, February 10, 1997

The term Mactel is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. (filing date: June 6, 2005). Variations on the theme are Macintel and MacIntel.

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