active aging
(AK.tiv ay.jing) n. An aging process in which people remain active physically and mentally. (Also: active ageing.)

Example Citation:
EIWH is anxious to stress that disease and disability, depression and dependency are not inevitable accompaniments to growing old, that good policies can and do make a difference. The buzzword in gerontology circles at the moment is "active" ageing.
—Aine McCarthy, "Research 'bias' against women," The Irish Times, July 22, 1996

Earliest Citation:
Pope John Paul II called today for new initiatives to better the lives of the elderly "who enrich the world through prayer and counsel."

The pontiff celebrated a Mass at his summer retreat here for participants at a U.N.-supported conference on "active aging" now meeting in Rome.
—"Pope Seeks Aid For Elderly," The Associated Press, September 5, 1980

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