n. A terrorist who uses biological weapons.

Example Citation:
In four months, FBI agents and scientists have unraveled many of the mysteries surrounding the strain of anthrax used in last fall's deadly attacks. The "Ames strain" is now known to be highly virulent, resistant to many vaccines and a perennial favorite of military researchers and bioterrorists.
—Joby Warrick, "One Anthrax Answer," The Washington Post, January 29, 2002

Earliest Citation:
Not only water supplies are susceptible to premeditated contamination; so too is much of the air we breathe. Skyscrapers, tunnels, subways, and their requisite heating and air-conditioning systems provide targets and also avenues of attack for would-be bioterrorists.
—Robert S. Root-Bernstein, "Infectious terrorism," The Atlantic, May, 1991

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