adj. Describes a piece of writing that is littered with jargon and buzzwords.

Example Citations:
Your average resume is as useful as, say, your average Time/CNN report on American soldiers gassing their own: the most enlightening revelation is not at all what the writer had in mind. The resume I have in mind is from someone applying for a designer position. Many are its fonts. The resume is fully buzzword-compliant, touting an ability for “networking” and “multitasking.” (Why do people think they are better off acting like computers?)
—David J. Swift, “Searching for a Job? Be Mindful of How Many,” The Plain Dealer, August 23, 1998

I bugged the CIO of the Amazingly Bright Colors Corp. (yes, the ABC Corp. you see in software demos). ABC is about to launch its new business strategy, which is fully buzzword-compliant but still pretty good.
—Bob Lewis. “IS Survival Guide: What are the implications of customer relationship management for IS groups?,” InfoWorld, November 1, 1999

Earliest Citation:
One kudo each to following:

* The Galaxy advert that offers “buzzword-compliant” products.
—Stan Kelly-Bootle, “Taxing times,” UNIX Review, February 1, 1994

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