n. The theory and practice of salary caps in professional sports. (A salary cap is a maximum dollar amount that a team can spend in one year on player salaries. The caps are usually hideously complex and can often be circumvented by using equally complex legal and monetary machinations—i.e., capology.)

Example Citation:
"The comments of [New England] Patriots vice president Andy Wasynczuk and Jeff Durand, the agent for free agent defensive lineman Henry Thomas, were decidedly different following their discussion yesterday...

'We're in negotiations and continue to exchange ideas,' Wasynczuk said after a 30-minute meeting with Durand last night...

'We're unanimous in our desire to bring Henry to New England,' Durand said...'There are some obstacles to be overcome. That's why we'll be working on some capology to come up with a creative solution.'"
—Kevin Mannix "Thomas deal on the line today," The Boston Herald

This discipline is also known in the trade as caprobatics.

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