(suh.leb.ruh.FEE.lee.uh) n. An abnormally intense desire to have a romantic relationship with a celebrity.

Example Citation:

Since the demise of the supermodel, fashion advertising has become an uncomfortable marriage of commerce and celebrity. The cross-marketing of cultural producers and cultural products is an interesting concept, if not always logical.
—Misty Harris, "Worth a second look," The Edmonton Journal, August 12, 2003

Earliest Citation:
Hollywood is filled with Bonny Lee Bakleys, people who attempt to make themselves 'feel better' by romantically pursuing the famous. They're not groupies: Groupies are merely overzealous, oversexed fans. They're not stalkers, either. ... There is no specific diagnosis for this disorder in the current psychiatric lexicon, but perhaps there should be, since celebriphilia, by any name, is a familiar enough condition to those trained to look for it.
—Benjamin Svetkey, "Dangerous Game," Entertainment Weekly, June 22, 2001

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