contraflow lane
n. On a road or highway, a lane that accepts traffic driving in different directions, depending on the time of day.

Example Citation:
The new "contraflow" lane restricted to high-occupancy vehicles is one of only two such highway configurations in the nation. It will provide five lanes of traffic inbound during morning rush hours, with three outbound. Through a system of moveable concrete barriers, the lanes will be switched for the evening rush hours, with five lanes of traffic going south, or outbound.
—Thomas C. Palmer Jr., "The relief is just ahead for Expressway driver," The Boston Globe, November 3, 1995

Earliest Citation:
Projects for London include the Tottenham High Road contra-flow bus lane (CM last week) to which may be added a contraflow lane for westbound buses in Seven Sisters Road between Finsbury Park station and Holloway Road.
The Commercial Motor, Temple Press, January 1, 1970 (approx)

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