corporate portal
n. An internal Web site on a corporate network that offers content and services aimed at the company’s employees.

Example Citations:
In addition to the true general portals, there are thousands of specialty, or “vertical,” portals, such as Time Warner’s impending site and for African Americans, aimed at a single topic or audience. There are corporate portals, too, such as the internal Web sites that Yahoo said last week it and Hewlett-Packard Co. would customize and sell to big companies.
—Leslie Walker, “Some Light Through the Portal,” The Washington Post, August 19, 1999

Enter the notion of “corporate portals” — centralized home pages organized to put all of a company’s internal information at its employees’ fingertips.

Corporate portals also let employees access data that exists within a host of other applications on company servers, such as e-mail, spreadsheets and word-processing documents.
—Tom Stein, “Portals Climb Corporate Ladder,” The San Francisco Chronicle, August 16, 1999

Earliest Citation:
According to Alpha Microsystems’ vice president of marketing, Denny Michael, the AlphaCONNECT(R) Knowledge Management Suite, which comprises advanced corporate portal technologies for intranets and extranets to web-based search-and-compile database products, will be demonstrated throughout the upcoming Comdex Enterprise Show.
—“AlphaCONNECT To Launch Knowledge Management Suite,” Business Wire, August 26, 1998

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