crazy tobacco
n. Tobacco that has been enhanced genetically to provide more nicotine than regular tobacco.

Example Citations:
The AP reported the high-nicotine tobacco — called fumo louco, or crazy tobacco, by the growers — was the offspring of a genetically altered plant created in US laboratories for Brown and Williamson.
—Michael J. Sniffen, “US: Company to admit plot to develop high-nicotine tobacco,“ AAP Newsfeed, January 8, 1998

In Brazil, farmers working for a subsidiary of the U.S. cigarettemaker surreptitiously used the seeds to raise what they called "fumo louco" — high-nicotine "crazy tobacco."
—Carl T. Hall, “Oakland Firm Admits Tobacco Plot,“ The San Francisco Chronicle, January 8, 1998

Earliest Citation:
Freakish tobacco plants that explode from the soil in this remote river valley grow huge leaves on stalks as thick as Louisville Sluggers. The growers here call it fumo louco.

Crazy tobacco.

Crazy not just because it grows so big and so fast. Crazy because it has been genetically altered by one of the world‘s largest tobacco companies to pack twice the nicotine of other commercially grown leaf.
—Todd Lewan, “Crazy tobacco,“, Associated Press, December 18, 1997

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