culture of confession
n. Elements of the culture that encourage the admission of wrongdoings and the sharing of feelings.

Example Citation:
Campbell is suing the Mirror for breach of confidence and unlawful invasion of privacy, following the newspaper's exposure of the model in February last year as a member of Narcotics Anonymous. Thus her appearance in court marked a head-spinning collision of contemporary obsessions: models, celebrity, the media, drugs, therapy and the culture of confession.
—Andrew Anthony, "Celebrities and the press," The Observer, February 17, 2002

Earliest Citation:
If this were a talk show, Clinton would appear as what? Men Who Compromise Too Much? ... More to the point, this is a president who understands the culture of confession. As a candidate, this baby boomer was routinely compared — favorably — to talk show host and guest.
—Ellen Goodman, "A double-take on gays," The Boston Globe, November 7, 1993

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