n. A large area of land where computer and technology companies are concentrated, or that has been constructed with a high-tech communications infrastructure [cf. industrial park]; a theme park where the theme has some relation to computers or the Internet.

Example Citations:
A senior government official, B.V. Naidu, said on Friday that the Department of Electronics’ Software Technology Parks of India will set up a ‘cyberpark“ to promote the growth of small and medium enterprises. ‘The cyberpark will help hundreds of small and medium businesses make use of state-of-the-art communications and other facilities for developing software,’ Mr. Naidu said.
—”India Plans ‘Cyberpark’ for Small. Midsize Firms,“ Journal of Commerce, April 7, 1998

Sony plans to roll out a national chain of high-tech ‘cyberparks’ in at least four cities across the United States: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, according to sources familiar with the project.
—“Off the Ticker,” The San Francisco Examiner, October 10, 1994

Earliest Citation:
For just $ 2, they get it all:...a cyberpark with a hands-on Internet play area.
—Colleen O"Connor, “Paging through Bay Area book fest,“ The Dallas Morning News, November 5, 1996