v. To recall or otherwise remove from office an elected official. Also: deelect.
de-election n.

Example Citations:
Locally, there has been an ongoing protest campaign to force Emerson to resign and to run again in a byelection, this time as a Conservative. ...

Chalmers said the campaign to de-elect Emerson continues to gain momentum, supporters and donations.
—"Emerson, Harper cleared by watchdog,", March 20, 2006

A simple little black and white sign sticky-taped to a fence which, although heartfelt, did not look like any officially approved electoral advertising.

Simply it read "De-elect the Health Minister — he is a health hazard."
—"The Real Stories," Hobart Mercury, March 17, 2006

Earliest Citation:
These commuter routes were forced on the Hill when its population was poor and defenseless.

We're working now to de-elect the politicians that continue to permit it.
—Robert Thomas, "White Lines," The Washington Post, August 7, 1987

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