adj. Of, or relating to, a software program or other system that is not dedicated to a single hardware platform, but instead is flexible enough to work with any device.

Example Citations:
uMonitor can be done on the PC, palm pilot, two-way pager or wireless simultaneously.

‘We are device agnostic and account agnostic,’ Bolen says.
—“ to unveil wireless software at bankers conference,“ Memphis Business Journal, September 8, 2000

What we really provide is a device-agnostic, protocol-agnostic and carrier-agnostic access to any wireless device.
—Antony Bruno, “ shifts focus to business market,” RCR Radio Communications Report, January 31, 2000

Earliest Citation:
The most likely solution for any large-scale program, however, is a device-agnostic approach, allowing for a flexibility among user interfaces that could meet the demands of the broadest possible audience.
—Thomas Maresca, “Electric Companies to Jolt Industry,” Interactive Home, February 1, 1996

The use of agnostic here comes from the noncommital sense of the word. Business types, especially those with some sort of connection to the IT department, seem to love it.

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