n. A person who shares too much online, particularly personal information. Also: diarrhea-ist.

Example Citations:
Rock music's most prolific social media diarrheaist apparently failed at her last attempt to verify @CourtneyLoveUK.
—Maureen O'Connor, "Courtney Love Fails at Quest for Verified Twitter Account," Gawker, March 4, 2010

Dan, I was thinking "The Wine Diarrheaist", unless that impinges upon Mike's intellectual property rights.
—Bill Klapp, "License to Swill? (comment)," Wine Diarist, June 12, 2011

Earliest Citation:
These are the folks who have never heard the expression "brevity is the soul of wit!" Every e-mail is a mini-novel, a life story, or government report on farm subsidies.
—Pete Blackshaw, "Personalities: The 'Digital Diarrheaist'," Email by Machiavelli, August 14, 2004

A blog named Diarrheaist News ("Bringing you the most revolting, self-indulgent bits of the online community for your self-indulgent pleasure") had a brief and, until now, unmemorable run back in July 2002.

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