dictionary flame
n. A negatively-charged message that complains about a person's spelling mistakes, word usage, or grammar.

Example Citation:
"The Internet provides an unedited forum for people who are unaccustomed to writing, as well as for many non-native English speakers. So the Net is riddled with writings containing 'creative' spelling and grammar, thus providing much bait for the intolerant to send dictionary flames to the authors."

The flame—a scathing message laced with sarcasm and venomous abuse; the electronic version of the poison pen—has become such an integral part of Internet culture that it has developed its own subgenre of colorful lingo and phrases. Here's a sampling:

asbestos longjohns: What e-mailers put on (metaphorically speaking, of course) before sending a message they expect will get flamed. Other popular flame-retardant garments are asbestos overcoats and asbestos underwear.

burble: Similar to a flame, except that the burbler is considered to be dumb, incompetent, or ignorant.

firefighters: People who attempt to put out flame wars before they get out of hand.

flamage: The content of a flame. This word seems to be a blend of the words "flame" and "verbiage."

flame bait: Provocative material in a message that will likely elicit flames in response.

flame war: A series of flames.

flame warrior: A person who surfs the Net looking for flame bait. Someone who tries to start flame wars intentionally.

flamer: A person who flames regularly.

rave: A particularly irritating type of flame in which the writer rambles on ad nauseum, even after a flame war has ended.

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