disk spamming
pp. Flooding the market with a company‘s computer disks in an effort to get as many people as possible to install the software or subscribe to the service.

Example Citations:
About a year ago, AOL stopped disk spamming because their computer system couldn‘t keep up with the millions of bandwidth-hogging new users they were signing up. But now that they‘ve beefed up their system, they‘re ready to bombard us with diskettes again.
—Mike Elgan, “Commentary,“ Mike Elgan‘s Win Letter, October 9, 2003

AOL disk spamming is still a thing?
—Jim Lewallen, “AOL disk spamming...,” Twitter, December 13, 2013

Earliest Citation:
AOL marketers are planning to spend $ 127 million to promote 4.0 for the quarter ending Dec. 31. They claim to have developed a more efficient method of targeting potential customers, instead of “disk spamming“ the population.
—Doug Bedell, “Making the upgrade,” The Dallas Morning News, November 17, 1998

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