dot-com deathwatch
n. A vigil kept over a dying Internet company. Also: dot-com death watch.

Example Citations:
No wonder [] was dubbed in a recent issue of Fortune magazine as the next dot-com likely to die. It has also made several appearances on and another dot-com death watch site called, well, here’s the censored version: F@#!
—Tyler Hamilton, “,” The Toronto Star, July 10, 2000

Behind the shift in media attention is the new game of dot com deathwatch, which tracks dozens of companies that are going out of business in the wake of the internet sector’s sharemarket collapse.
—David Crowe, “Dot com death rumours are exaggerated,” Australian Financial Review, July 5, 2000

Earliest Citation:
—Janelle Brown, “Dot-com deathwatch,”, June 6, 2000

A couple of weeks ago, the media — including such august publications as The Wall Street Journal and The Globe and Mail — reported (more than a little gleefully) that the site (motto: "Kick 'em when they're down") had itself failed. One can only imagine (more than a little gleefully) the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair that must have accompanied the news that the failure of was a hoax perpetrated by the site's owner. Ouch!

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