dot-com deathwatch
n. A vigil kept over a dying Internet company. Also: dot-com death watch.

Example Citation:
"No wonder [] was dubbed in a recent issue of Fortune magazine as the next dot-com likely to die. It has also made several appearances on and another dot-com death watch site called, well, here's the censored version: F@#!"
—Tyler Hamilton, "," The Toronto Star, July 10, 2000

A couple of weeks ago, the media — including such august publications as The Wall Street Journal and The Globe and Mail — reported (more than a little gleefully) that the site (motto: "Kick 'em when they're down") had itself failed. One can only imagine (more than a little gleefully) the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair that must have accompanied the news that the failure of was a hoax perpetrated by the site's owner. Ouch!

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