dot snot
n. A young person with an arrogant and self-important manner because he or she has become rich by creating a dot com company.

Example Citations:
Ever since the Nasdaq tanked, there have been a plethora of dot bombs and perhaps for this reason “dot bomb” edged out “dot snot” in the voting. My vote, however, would have been cast for “dot snot.”
—Howard Richler, “Quick trot from dot snot to dot bomb,” The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec), January 27, 2001

Too bad for the “dot snots,” the arrogant dot-com founders who flaunted their status and cut an obnoxious figure in Silicon Valley.
—Marja Mills, “Slang reveals our glee over dot-coms becoming dot-bombs,” Chicago Tribune, August 14, 2001

Earliest Citation:
Why do I sense a technology slippage in this arena? Probably because Silicon Valley has become obsessed with dot-com operations that focus on business models instead of technology. The results of that obsession are a lot of interesting ideas and a lot of excessively rich kids — referred to locally as “dot snots” — who wander around town as if they own the place. Meanwhile, process engineering, the true basis for our wealth, goes to Taiwan.
—John C. Dvorak, “Inside Track,” PC Magazine, May 9, 2000

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