drive-through cuisine
n. Food obtained via a restaurant’s drive-through window.

Example Citation:
Unlike most drive-through cuisine I review, where I use the magic words "new ... for a limited time only," Cheesy Bread Sticks have been a fixture on Domino's menu since 1992.
—Ken Hoffman, "Domino's free offer is no cheesy deal," The Houston Chronicle, September 21, 2001

Earliest Citation:
Pull off the road anywhere in rural Florida, find a stand of pine trees and take a walk. Look around and you'll see a familiar wall of green, an unending bramble of tangled weeds and vines.

Snake heaven. Spider hell.

Richard Deuerling sees lunch.

In a society devoted to prepackaging and drive-through cuisine, Deuerling is a heretic. You can espouse the divine pleasure of Taco Bell all you want. He'd much rather eat his yard.
—Christopher Garlington, "Father Nature," The Orlando Sentinel, June 5, 1994

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