adj. Overweight and happy with one’s life. [fat + happy]

Example Citations:
The once buffed up Tatum was the first to say that he’s “fat and happy” today as he is enjoying some “down time” after working for two years straight. His wife even has a name for his new look and demeanor combined. He is “fappy,” which is short for “fat and happy,” he explained.
—Roz Zurko, “Channing Tatum is one ‘fappy’ fellow: Tells Ellen why he’s so ‘fat and happy’,” Examiner.com, February 7, 2014

I actually returned to WW after a 10 month hiatus recently. I met someone lovely who became my bf and I got fappy (fat + happy) but really more Fazy, basically.
—SassyFatFriend, “My daily points are 38. That’s a lot. I actually...”, Lose the Fat, Keep the Sass, May 9, 2013

Earliest Citation:
Sam looked at Mrs. Verghese. She did seem rather round. Sam did some quick thinking. “Verghese aunty, I think you should be fappy.”

“Pardon?” said Mrs. Verghese.

Fappy. Fat plus happy equals fappy,” said Sam proudly. “How’s that Ma?”
—Deepika Davidar, “Word games,” The Hindu, July 27, 2002

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