flame sandwich
n. A note that consists of a negative comment surrounded by two positive comments.

Example Citation:
"Your book 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to HTML' is awesome!

One thing ... We don't like frames because they are too slow, and don't bookmark. These considerations negate your idea that it is easier to navigate with frames. We can navigate just fine without frames, thank you.

BTW, your Web site is great!"

In Net parlance, a "flame" is a negatively-charged note that can be anything from a simple complaint to a vitriolic attack on another person's ancestry. The phrase "flame sandwich" comes courtesy of Ken Prouty, who gave the example cited above and who also offered up the following explanation:

"I have just given you an example of a flame sandwich. You first provide a positive comment. Then you get whatever it is off your mind, thinking the recipient has your attention. Then you leave on another positive note, which calms down the listener and makes them think that maybe there is some truth to what you have to say."

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