(fluf.ruh.JET) n. A woman who has only pre-feminist cultural or political heroines (cf. suffragette).

Example Citation:
So I shall live with the Barbies and Little Mermaids, the handbags and hairbands that make up our pink world. Grace will grow out of it, and if she doesn't, does it matter?

She may never be a Germaine Greer, but she can drink sloe gin, subscribe to the Financial Times and join the Fluffragettes.
—Margarette Driscoll, "My girl can't help it, she loves pink," Sunday Times (London), February 28, 1999

Earliest Citation:
Hanving just read the Fluffy Manifesto — which has been put together by a group of woman who argue it's about time 'femininity was put back into feminism' — I have, of course, applied to become a member of the Fluffy Club.

Actually, what I really wanted was to become World President of the entire Fluffragette Movement — a job which, as I understand it, involves visiting tanning salons worldwide in a pink Hermes scarf — but I'm afraid the rest of the Club wouldn't allow it.
—Deborah Ross, "Bootleg trousers? I'd rather have some bootleg gin," Daily Mail (London), May 1, 1997

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