forehead install
n. An extremely easy software installation, particularly one with intelligent default values set up at each step, so all the user has to do is press the spacebar (with a finger or forehead) a few times.

Example Citation:
Personally, I have been using Win2K Pro for over 7 months and one of the best features is the Make New Connection Wizard. This easily allows most users to connect to your local area network within the office, or establish a dial up connection from off site or to set up a VPN or Virtual Private Network if you have an ADSL or cable modem at home. It is practically a forehead install. This is what we call, in our office at least, any installation process so simple that all you have to do is bang your forehead on the Enter key.
—Greg Michetti, "Windows 2000 is finally here!," Edmonton Sun (Alberta, Canada), February 9, 2000

Earliest Citation:
The ideal goal is to have a system that allows non-educated workers to insert a photo into a scanner, fall over and hit their head on the space-bar, and out pops a copy of the photo. Note, this is a variant of the forehead install for DOS.
—John F. Davis, "Scanner Questions,", November 1, 1994

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