forensic animation
(foh.REN.zik an.uh.MAY.shun) n. A computer-generated animation based on the forensic evidence presented in a court case.

Example Citation:
What the jury saw is known as forensic animation — the computerized illustration of events recounted by courtroom testimony (in this case, the coroner's report and the state trooper's on-scene analysis). It's the newest in a chain of technologies — from lie-detector tests to handwriting analysis and DNA sampling — that is transforming the world of litigation.
—Jacob Ward, "Forensic science meets computer animation - in the courtroom," Wired, May, 2002

Earliest Citation:
Each seminar reviews a variety of animation sequences used in trials, how-to tips and a demonstration of Autodesk 3D Studio software. The lecturers will address the benefits of forensic animation in a variety of court cases — criminal, personal injury, contraband, medical malpractice, product liability, air crashes and intellectual property.
—"Autodesk educates legal community on forensic animation," Business Wire, July 14, 1992

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