gak factor
n. The tendency for online pornography sites to lose business when credit card charges are discovered by a third party (such as a parent or spouse) and then disavowed by the subscriber.

Example Citation:
"Since they first set up shop online, porn sites have had a problem with something they call the 'gak factor.' Husbands run up a credit-card bill at Soozee's Smut Shop, then go 'gak' when their wives see the monthly statement. Most, of course, deny any knowledge of the nefarious charges.

The wife then calls the bank that issued the card, reports the charge as bogus, and the bank cancels it. The adult-entertainment site is out the price of the subscription."
—Craig Bicknell, "Sex Sites Getting Screwed," Wired News

Many thanks to Wired's Jargon Watch columnist Gareth Branwyn for alerting me to this, uh, interesting phrase. -Paul

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