(GAY.tur) n. A person who lives in a gated community.

Example Citation:
I recently returned from a Florida vacation and am happy to be home and away from all those gated communities. I find the words "gated" and "community" to be contradictory. Are they trying to keep themselves in or the rest of us out?
—James W. Dolan, "Appreciating Boston All the More from 'Gater'-Land," Boston Irish Reporter, April 30, 2002

Earliest Citation:
After reading Timothy Egan's article on gated communities (Nation/World, Sept. 3), I too am filled with shock and incredulity at this phenomenon...Of course, as Egan aptly points out, surely this trend will cause our nation to become more Balkanized. These "gaters" are fleeing areas where being an American is only a hyphenated experience — used only when applying for social handouts while usually maintaining allegiance to a country and culture few of them have ever seen.
—Scott Whitney, letter to the editor, The Tampa Tribune, September 13, 1995

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