going plural
n. Taking on a number of different projects or jobs rather than a career within a single company or industry. —go plural, verb. To structure one’s working life in such a way.

Example Citation:
Going plural is a trendy way for successful middle-aged directors to downshift. Instead of doing one full-time executive job, pluralists take on several non-exec posts.
—Joanne Hart, "Plural peril," The Evening Standard, October 26, 2001

Earliest Citation:
Peter Parker's offering falls into none of those categories, but perhaps this is not surprising since he is very much a one-off. 'Going plural' is a phrase I first heard from his lips, some 20 years ago, to describe his intention to seek a portfolio of different interests rather than a single career.
—Richard Marsh, review of For Starters: The Business of Life, by Sir Peter Parker, Management Today, January, 1990

Of the nearly 100 citations that the media databases turn up for this phrase, all but a handful occur in 2000 or later. (This is mostly because a company called Going Plural was created recently.) However, the earliest citation hints that the phrase is quite a bit older.

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