adj. Relating to a drug that has had its psychoactive properties removed.

Example Citations:
"The difference is huge. Before, I would only smoke at the end of the day and stay in pain." Now, she said, with the highless marijuana "my life is so much better."

Despite Avidekel's highless benefit, Klein does not see regular marijuana disappearing any time soon. THC has its own unique effects that alleviate illness symptoms.
—Maayan Lubell, "What a drag, Israeli firm grows 'highless' marijuana," Reuters, July 3, 2012

You can't ever have a "highless" cannabinoid product. The anti-anxiety effects and the high are one in the same!
—vinylmesh, "Marijuana's Distant Relative May Be Next Prozac" (comment #5), Cannabis News, August 1, 2008

Earliest Citation:
Speaking of coke, I learned that crack cocaine is an odorless, tasteless, highless, and utterly inactive chemical compound that was introduced by the CIA into urban areas during the 1980s as an excuse to arrest young black males.
—Kirsten Verdel, "Andy Kaufman is terug!," Kirsten Verdel, May 20, 2004

Do I need to mention that the statement in the earliest citation is a mendacious bit of claptrap that's kooky even by the standards of conspiracy theories? I thought not.

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