(EYE-paw.dur) n. A person who uses an iPod digital music player.

Example Citations:
An iPodder is easy to spot. Just look for the telltale white cord snaking its way up from a pant or shirt pocket to tiny white earphones in the user's ears.

Or the iPodder could be holding the product in the palm of his or her hand, scrolling through a maximum of about 10,000 tracks that can be stored in the portable device, depending on model. —My-Ly Nguyen, "Apple of the music fan's eye; Little iPod, able to store up to 10,000 songs, has made big impact on consumers," Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, NY)
February 29, 2004

Some carried the elaborate third generation models with the iconic white earphones. Others settled for scratched, faintly retro first-generation versions and wore subdued plugs instead of the white ones they dismiss as fashion statements.

Every shade of iPodder of Manchester was out in force this week — and all were in search of the same new social event spawned by Apple's best-selling gadget.
—Ian Herbert, "Death of the DJ: How iPod is bringing democracy to the dancefloor," The Independent, 24 April 2004

Earliest Citation:
Oh, and if your favorite gearhead already has an iPod — a distinct possibility — consider giving a car cassette adapter for it, so the lucky iPodder can listen to tunes on the road.
—David Pogue, "Cheat Sheet: Digital Gifts At 11th Hour," The New York Times, December 19, 2002

iPodders are also known as pod people (2003).

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