investment pornography
n. Articles and stories that focus on investment success. Also: investment porn.

Example Citation:
You know the stories: The Top Ten Mutual Funds to Buy Now, How to Double Your Money This Year, personality profiles that read like fan magazines. Stock-touting pieces that praise any path to profits. We've all done these stories, in one form or another. It's investment pornography — soft core, not hard core, but pornography all the same.
—Jane Bryant Quinn, "When Business Writing Becomes Soft Porn," Columbia Journalism Review, March 1998 / April 1998

Earliest Citation:
The use of ads on cable TV is an "alarming wrinkle" because many people believe whatever they see on the tube, Feigen says. He called such commercials "investment pornography," and says television and radio stations ought to be doing a better job of keeping them off the air.
—Jim McTague, "Financial Pornography," Barron's, December 12, 1994

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