1. A billboard that parodies an existing advertisement in order to mock or subvert the ad's message.

  2. In a computer game, a list of the enemies that a player has killed.

Example Citation:
  1. "Lasn also has a glossy quarterly magazine, Adbusters, which has 40,000 subscribers. In it are... spoofs of ads and 'killboards', parodies of billboards, such as one of two cowboys on horseback, one saying to the other, 'Bob I've got emphysema.'"
    —Elizabeth Nickson, "Runny nose, discontented, suffering possession overload? Maybe you've got affluenza," The Independent (London)

  2. "The Rec Room features the familiar killboard, which lists current kills for all Midway squadrons."
    —Thierry Nguyen, "Wing Commander Prophecy," Computer Gaming World

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