1. A latino urban professional (latino + yuppie).

  2. A lesbian urban professional (lesbian + yuppie).

Example Citation:
  1. "There's nothing surprising about Hayek occupying Latina's cover—every issue is devoted to the Latin community. But, then again, there's nothing surprising in any part of their July issue. They're going after the 'luppies,' but apparently these ladies don't want to read anything risque."
    —"On the Newsstand," New York Post, June 21, 1999

  2. "Sandy and Robin are of a type of lipstick lesbian sometimes known in the community as 'car-phone lesbians' or 'luppies': successful, glamorous and unapologetically middle-class."
    —Lindsy Van Gelder, "Lipstick Liberation," Los Angeles Times, March 15, 1992

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