n. A product catalogue designed to resemble a magazine.

Example Citations:
But Neiman Marcus raised the stakes in 1996 with the debut of The Book, a magalogue with heavy art-book paper, avant-garde photos and articles like Christopher Buckley’s on his night out with two supermodels.
—Ingrid Abramovitch, “Where to Turn for Tips on Pet Care: Catalogues, of Course,” The New York Times, September 28, 1997

Which is the thinking behind Virgin’s latest innovation, the “magalogue” — part magazine, part catalogue, a new concept in direct-to-home selling intended to blow the traditional mail order catalogue out of the water.
—Meg Carter, “What shall we listen to now?,” The Independent (London), August 21, 1996

Earliest Citation:
One experiment that Texaco Inc. hopes will boost volume is a “magalogue”,> a new kind of mailing to 200, customers.
Business Week, October 23, 1978

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