v. To perform office-related tasks, such as photocopying and faxing.

Example Citation:
"This always-on-the-job approach may be the latest example of what another company, Kinko's, calls 'officing,' a way to 'help you get the job done just about anywhere you are, at any hour, any way possible.'

Officing? Just in case you don't understand the concept as a gerund, Kinko's also describes its services as a verb, touting its 24-hour business centers as 'The new way to office.'...Ah, progress. Thanks to places like Kinko's..., you can now office while you treat the kids to an airport pizza. You can office while the rest of the world wastes time sleeping. You can even office while you're supposed to be on vacation in Tahiti."
—Marilyn Gardner, "The Plugged-In Vacation: What's a Beach Without a Fax?," The Christian Science Monitor, June 26, 1997

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