packet monkey
n. An unskilled computer prankster who can only ape skilled hackers by downloading and using their programs that are designed to infiltrate and compromise computer networks.

Example Citation:
"Hackers, in their online communities, say the media incorrectly use the blanket term 'hacker' when referring to those responsible for the assaults, which don't involve breaking into a secure system. They prefer 'packet monkeys,' which is a derogatory term for any simple life-form that could download software from the Internet and launch such attacks."
—Jennifer Beauprez, "Hackers deride cyber pranksters' 'senseless acts'," The Denver Post, February 12, 2000

In network communications, a "packet" is the basic unit of transmission. That is, any data that's sent over the network or the Internet is broken down into separate packets which are then shipped out and reassembled at the destination.

"Real" hackers seem to revel in denigrating any artless wanna-be that merely copies the work of others. Besides "packet monkey," other e-epithets used are "script kiddy," "script bunny," and "code kiddy" (you get the idea). -Paul

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