n. A commercial publishing model in which readers view stories and books online and pay only for what they read. Also: pay per read.

Example Citation:
Lofty hopes for a more literate Internet through the "micropayment" pay-per-read concept will be tested with the debut this week of the new Web publishing venture Bylines.
—Art Kramer, "Web zine Byline to test its pay-and-read concept," The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, September 3, 1997

Earliest Citation:
It is midsummer, 2012 A.D., and the Rolling Stones are rolling once again for a 50th anniversary tour. ...

Rolling Stone magazine (no longer sold on newstands, but serviced to pay-per-read home viewers) dedicated three successive covers to the Stones crisis.
—Mitch Potter, "How Keith Richards got the Stones rolling," The Toronto Star, September 1, 1989

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