pay radio
(PAY ray.dee.oh) n. A satellite-based radio signal for which subscribers pay a monthly fee to receive a package of stations.

Example Citation:
Satellite service has three big hooks: Each company will deliver up to 100 channels of widely varied music and information; many channels will be commercial-free; and the companies promise that you can drive anywhere in the United States and still get all the channels. . . . The market for satellite radio or pay radio, as it's been called, is huge, says David Margolese, chairman and chief executive of New York's CD Radio.
—John Kirkpatrick, "Playing a New Tune," The Dallas Morning News, July 23, 1998

Earliest Citation:
The more than 600 station representatives attending the conference were also told a market test will begin this fall for another proposed joint venture with a small California engineering firm known as CODART. If the marketing test with KQED-FM in San Francisco is successful, NPR stations could launch a new overnight pay radio service within 12-to-18 months.
—Norman Black, "NPR Considering Outside Ventures to Offset Budget Cuts," The Associated Press, April 19, 1982

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