permanent fresh
adj. Describes clothing that has been treated with an antimicrobial coating to keep it free of body odor.

Example Citation:
In Seattle, a textile company is working on an anti-microbial coating that will give clothing lifetime protection against bacteria and micro-organisms that cause odour. The permanent fresh treatment is similar to permapress. When the coating starts to fade, it can be restored to 100 per cent effectiveness with a special chlorine solution, they say.
—Mary K. Nolan, "The underarm odour issue," The Hamilton Spectator, September 18, 2000

Earliest Citation:
The first "permanent fresh" socks, underwear, and other garments that stay body odor-free for days without laundering are headed for department store shelves, thanks to a major advance in textile technology reported yesterday.

Just as permanent-press fabrics incorporate a chemical coating to reduce wrinkling, their permanent fresh counterparts have an antimicrobial, or self-sanitizing, coating that prevents growth of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms.
—Michael Woods, "New fabrics odor-free, self-sanitizing," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 24, 1999

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