personal portal
n. A Web page that offers content and services customized for an individual.

Example Citations:
Some function as “personal portals,” collection spots for all sorts of information that matters to the computer user, such as local weather reports, a favorite sports team’s schedule, local museum openings and CD releases.
—Siona LaFrance, “Online Calendar Services Vie for New Users,” The Times-Picayine, May 13, 1999

Oracle also wants to provide personalized Web content from remote devices acting as portals, but is taking a different approach than MicroStrategy. Project Panama, which Oracle expects to make available in the fall, enables users to establish a personal portal on the Internet and then access that portal from almost any wireless device.
—Michael Lattig, “Personal portals make a play for the palm of your hand,” InfoWorld, March 22, 1999

Earliest Citation:
He calls this a system of “information highways” that will expand the frontiers of communication among computers, telephones, televisions, hand-held electronic “assistants” and other personal portals.
—Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, “Only a few of us cybernauts know where cyberspace is,” The Dallas Morning News, January 8, 1994

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