(SOOD) n. A person with pretensions to cultural or intellectual sophistication.

Example Citation:
"With the aid of some blurred old photographs and his own 'artworks', Boyd concocted Nat Tate: An American Artist (1928-1960)...We enjoyably imagine those 'art lovers', a parcel of pseuds, gathered in the New York loft to revere the memory of someone who never existed."
—John Mullan, "Sting in Manhattan," The Guardian, April 9, 1998

Earliest Citation:
Between October 1953 and June 1954, [Raymond Gueri ] contributed ten or so pieces to Jacques Laurent's review La Parisienne, in which he attacked phoney artists, pseuds, and literary life in general.
—Raphael Sorin, "RAYMOND GUERIN: 1905-1955," Manchester Guardian Weekly, November 8, 1981

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