n. An icicle-like rust structure formed underwater on rusting iron. [Blend of rust and icicle.]

Example Citations:
The Halomonas titanicae bacterium was found in "rusticles", the porous and delicate icicle-like structures that form on rusting iron.
—"New species of bacteria found in Titanic 'rusticles'," BBC News, December 6, 2010

Dr Avery said: "It could be that there are some new ecosystems living on the Titanic. We will understand better how these wrecks decay and how long we have to preserve records of them." The images have found evidence of the growth of rusticle, rust formation similar to an icicle or stalactite, on the bow's starboard side.
—Laura Roberts, "Titanic wreckage to be raised digitally by new 3D map," The Daily Telegraph, August 31, 2010

Earliest Citation:
Dr. Robert Ballard, head of a research team currently photographing the sunken luxury liner, said yesterday the vessel's exquisite woodwork has all but disappeared....The ship, inside and out, is covered with stalactite-like icicles of rust or 'rusticles,' he said.
—Barbara Yaffe, "Rust 'icicles' drape hull of Titanic," The Globe and Mail, July 17, 1986


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