pp. Switching a customer from one long-distance phone company to another without the person‘s permission.

Example Citations:
About 25 percent of telephone customers in Detroit and Grand Rapids have had their telephone service illegally switched to another company or know someone who has, according to a National Consumer League report published in the Detroit Free Press. Michigan ranked eighth in the country for complaints about the practice, known as slamming.
—Megan Defendis, "Slamming rates high in Michigan," Crain's Detroit Business, October 37, 1997

Telstra has conceded that “slamming” has become a major industry problem, taking steps yesterday to stop the unethical practice in the telecommunications industry.

Slamming is the process by which telecommunications companies trick consumers into changing suppliers.
—Grant Butler, “Telstra acts to stop ‘unethical’ practices,” Australian Financial Review, September 3, 1998

Earliest Citation:
AT&T is setting up a task force to probe incidents of what it calls "slamming" — a tactic the telecom giant says involves other common carriers (OCCs) appropriating AT&T long distance subscribers without the customer's consent.
—Mark A. Kellner, "AT&T to investigate 'slamming' cases," MIS Week, December 5, 1988

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