social expression product
n. A euphemism for a greeting card.

Example Citation:
There's no longer any excuse to send off those lame photocopied holiday greeting letters with the pathetic little sprig of holly sketch in the corner. A new product from American Greetings makes customized Christmas cards so simple even the most harried household could manage to look at least modestly creative.

In short, if you like mainstream greeting card art and you've got a good quality color printer, you'll never have to buy a card again with this simple software program in your home. Greeting cards galore are just the start.

Timed for the holidays, American Greetings offers an easy-to-use CD-ROM program that's packed with creative projects now known in the trade as "social expression products."
—Katherine Foran, "Getting creative," Chicago Tribune, December 3, 1998

Earliest Citation:
Two years ago, Lohmeier sued Hallmark, charging it with violating the antitrust laws by trying among other things, to "eliminate competition in the sale of social expressions products in Arizona and Illinois." To put it more directly, Lohmeier says Hallmark refused to sell him its cards for six shops he opened in the Chicago suburbs.
—Nicholas Lemann, "Freedom of Information Act: More Helpful to Lawyers," The Washington Post, June 7, 1980

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