adj. Describes a Web site that encourages visitors to spend long periods of time visiting its various pages.

Example Citation:
"Most so-called 'top site' surveys measure how many individuals visit a site....What they don't necessarily tell you is which sites are 'stickiest.' That's the new Web buzzword for sites that are especially good at keeping visitors engaged."
—Annette Hamilton, "Web Sites We Hate to Leave," Jesse Berst's AnchorDesk

The sticky adjective is itself becoming linguistically sticky by latching on to different usages. Here's an example:

"Genes released into the environment can replicate themselves ad infinitum. Indeed, some studies suggest that transgenes are particularly 'sticky' — better at getting themselves around in nature than ordinary genes, possibly because of the viral and bacterial vectors used to engineer them."
—Michael Pollan, "Genetic Pollution," The New York Times, December 9, 2001

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