adj. Describes a retailer that sells products through three venues (“channels“): bricks-and-mortar stores, a catalog, and a website. Also: trichannel.

Example Citation:
Traditional companies that have set up Web sites aren&lrquo;t immune to this reality. The luxury goods retailer Saks Fifth Avenue launched its Web site in August. Saks is now “tri-channel,” the latest e-commerce buzzword: It sells in stores and through catalogues in addition to its Web presence.
—David Streitfeld, “At eToys Site, It‘s Service With A Nervous Smile; Dot-Com Pins Future on Customer Hand-Holding,” Washington Post, December 3, 2000

Earliest Citation:
Even so, Fersch is not convinced of the viability of traditional advertising. “As a tri-channel retailer, our greatest advantage is our 100 million catalogs, our 520-plus stores and our Internet presence.”
—Jean E. Palieri, “Eddie Bauer Goes Back to Its Roots,” Daily News Record, October 4, 1999

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