n. A tuxedo designed for a woman.

Example Citations:
From locating a gay-friendly rabbi to finding a smokin' tuxeda for you and your wife-to-be, planning a same-sex wedding can present many hurdles not found in the hetero world.
—Caroline Ryder, "We do, too!," LA Weekly, February 10, 2006

Last week I learned a new word: tuxeda.

It's a tuxedo for women — one of the terms that might come up when planning a lesbian commitment ceremony. Then again, both partners may choose to wear a traditional wedding gown, or something altogether different.
—Dalia Colon, "'Out' weddings are in," St. Petersburg Times, May 2, 2008

Earliest Citation:
Megan and Debbie Rosenhart, a lesbian couple, drove 1,100 miles from Santa Cruz, Calif., to show beaded and sequined gowns and "tuxedas," jackets and tails designed for women, at Spokane's coronation.
—Carla K. Johnson, "Ball lets men be queen for a day," The Spokesman Review, October 11, 1994

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