n. The view between buildings and other objects that one has of a lake, mountain or other natural feature. Also: view-shaft, view shaft. —adj.

Example Citations:
My fundamental concern is that we don't make essentially irreversible decisions to develop the waterfront in ways which we will not be happy with in 10 to 30 years' time. I want to preserve viewshafts of the harbour, minimise the loss of public space to private ventures, and not have too many buildings cluttering the unique and wonderful harbour edge.
—"Who can you trust with the waterfront?," The Dominion Post, July 26, 2003

Enthusiastically adopted by city planners, the viewshafts have survived a quarter-century of growth. Plenty of developers have cursed Turner’s viewshafts but few have challenged them.
—Geoff Cumming, “Showdown over city’s volcano zones,” The New Zealand Herald, November 16, 2002

Earliest Citation:
The development drew 16 formal objections. Submissions opposing the project expressed concerns over traffic congestion, excessive height, and loss of sunlight, daylight, or views.

The council environment enforcement services manager, John MacLachlan, said the proposal appeared to satisfy most of the immediate amenity concerns, and that adverse effects on the environment would be minor.

"For example, the impact on identified view shafts is not a factor."
—"Midland tower decision due," The Dominion, December 7, 1995

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