virtual Friday
n. The last non-Friday before a long weekend.

Example Citation:
The forint opened marginally weaker at 1.90-1.95pc points above the mid-point of the intervention band on Thursday. Volumes were low on this "virtual Friday" before the three-day weekend.
—"Interbank volumes drop in pre-holiday trading," MTI- Econews, October 22, 1998

Earliest Citation:
virtual Friday /n./

(also `logical Friday') The last day before an extended weekend, if that day is not a `real' Friday. For example, the U.S. holiday Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday. The next day is often also a holiday or taken as an extra day off, in which case Wednesday of that week is a virtual Friday (and Thursday is a virtual Saturday, as is Friday). There are also virtual Mondays that are actually Tuesdays, after the three-day weekends associated with many national holidays in the U.S.
—Eric Raymond, "The New Hacker's Dictionary," MIT Press, September, 1991

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